Your OD partner

From time to time, HR Directors and business leaders need some extra help with organisation development.

Your OD partner


Perhaps you don’t have an internal OD capability and you think you might need some organisation development support. Maybe you’re looking to enhance the OD mindset and capabilities of your HR or management team. Your need might be to boost internal organisation development capacity during times of major change. Or you might want to reinvigorate an OD team by introducing fresh ideas and insights.


Let space for learning become your OD partner. We offer a unique OD partnership service, giving you the opportunity to work with a highly-experienced organisation development professional as part of your team. We always aim to build a long-term, trusting relationship – even if you just need us for a short time.

Every partnership is unique – designed to meet your specific needs.


OD work has peaks and troughs, so internal resourcing is never ‘just right’

Our OD Partner service gives you more flexibility than employing permanent or interim staff

We get to really know you and your organisation

We offer you more continuity than a traditional consulting model

Co-creation blends your in-depth knowledge with fresh perspectives

We leave you stronger


Great partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships. Their bedrock is a foundation of trust. We aim to earn your trust through:

    1. Confidentiality – our conversations are in confidence, so you can be honest about any challenges or frustrations, by discussing them with an OD partner who is independent and is there to help you
    2. Integrity – we’ll be honest with you, rather than just telling you what we think you want to hear
    3. Quality – the high quality of our work will help you to shine.


We have an initial conversation about your needs and the partnership arrangement that might suit you such as when and how we work with you. Our ESSENTIAL partnership starts at just 4 days per month. And we review your needs with you every 3 months.

1. Your OD partner becomes part of your team

We might be located at your workplace, work remotely, or a combination. Often some face-to-face time is useful, especially at the outset of a partnership.

We come in with an open mind and a keen desire to make sense of your world with you – to learn about your organisation, its context, dynamics and people. Why? Because we know that ‘best practice’ is only that if it’s best for you and your context.

2. Your OD partner helps you breathe life into your ideas and plans

We start where you’re at. we’ll work with you to develop, shape and refine your plans, and to breathe life into them.

We work where your organisation is at. We search out what already works; the dynamic capabilities which have been developed in your organisation, the strengths of your people – and we help you build on them to achieve your goals.

We’re responsive. We also work with you to make sense of what is changing about your organisation as a result of, or despite, your interventions – to learn from that and choose how to respond. We call this Dynamic Planning.

3. Your OD partner strengthens your internal capability

From the outset of our partnership we openly share our knowledge and skills as we work with you. We aim to de-mystify OD by being explicit about how we work and why we do what we do. We coach and mentor others in your team, as required, to help them develop an OD mindset and to enhance their OD skills.

The benefits begin on day 1.


ESSENTIAL PARTNERSHIP      4+ days per month
ENHANCED PARTNERSHIP     8+ days per month
EXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP     12+ days per month

Your OD partner

Build your OD capability – with space for learning as Your OD Partner