Comprehensive, tailored programmes of development and action research to support change leaders

We offer many ways for you to explore Dynamic Patterning in your organisation and to build leadership and organisational capabilities. Our workshops offer new insights into how change really works and explain why it’s vital for leaders to notice, interpret and respond to emerging patterns. They introduce brand new conceptual tools for discovering difficult-to-detect emerging patterns of change and help you to use them.

Develop vital strategic leadership and organisational capabilities for leading change in a changing world, with our range of Dynamic Patterning workshops


Our change masterclasses offer new insights into how organisational change REALLY works. We explain why outcomes arising from even the best-planned change can be surprising, unintended, even unwanted.  We show that emerging patterns heralding early warning signs of potential risks and opportunities can easily be missed. Importantly, we help leaders to reframe their role and enable them to work with emergent as well as planned aspects of change


New conceptual tools developed from our in-depth research, combined with tried and tested OD processes, help groups to reflect deeply on their experience and uncover patterns of emergent change in their organisation


Learn more about the dynamic patterning of change and its implications for leaders and teams. We offer a range of taster sessions, designed to challenge and inform. We invite leaders to reframe their change role and look out for the ‘vital signs’ in organisational change. We invite teams to recognise the active role they play in creating change, and to get their heads together to help change work better


We can integrate Dynamic Patterning workshops into leadership development processes, team offsites, and conferences


Use them to enhance OD and change management activities. Build them into your roll-out plan to equip people for change, and gain valuable information so you can be responsive to potential opportunities and problems in live change.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – develop the knowledge and skills to discover emerging patterns of change that others miss

ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT – take a responsive approach to enhancing the effectiveness of your organisation


You may have a specific project in mind, or maybe you don’t yet know what you need.
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