We actively discover what is changing. We explore it with you. We enable you to take responsive action to influence emerging patterns of change

Discovering Dynamic Patterning

We bring a fresh eye and new conceptual tools to actively discover what’s changing in your organisation. Helping you make sense of what’s coming sooner. Enabling you to influence emerging patterns in live change.

While the patterns of change can be surprising and unpredictable, the process used to discover them is refreshingly straightforward:

4-Step process

  • 4-Step process [Engage – Discover – Explore – Respond]
  • Stands alone, or dovetails into an existing programme
  • Plugs into any change or project methodology
  • Further cycles make it easier to spot the ‘vital signs’ of change.

Every engagement is unique. But here’s a taster of what to expect:

 We Engage with you to reveal more about your organisation’s change landscape. Then we work together to develop a Discovery Action Plan tailored to your specific needs and context.

  We ask questions to Discover ‘small data’. We look for everyday, human-scale data, from multiple sources – which is often overlooked – and analyse it carefully. Then we bring it together in new ways within your Dynamic Patterning Diagnostic report to reveal the meta-patterns of emergent change in your organisation.

  We Explore those patterns with you in a Responsive Action Workshop. Helping you to anticipate issues and opportunities, and detect early warning signs of unintended consequences arising from the confluence of interactions affecting your organisation.

  Equipped with these insights, we enable you to take responsive action. You choose how to Respond as you play into that dynamic patterning of live change – to amplify latent opportunities and ward off potential problems much sooner.

Patterns of change


You may have a specific project in mind, or maybe you don’t yet know what you need.
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