I worked directly with Sharon over a 2+ year period when she helped us to develop our OD team and our in-house OD capabilities.  Her flexible and realistic approach meant she was able to start where we were and helped us to go where the organisation needed us to go. I particularly appreciated her ability to simplify concepts for the team, engage patiently with those less keen on OD and work alongside me in partnership. Our combined work reshaped the team’s capability and helped the organisation to become more sophisticated in service delivery whilst cutting delivery costs.

EL – OD Director, public sector

Sharon has great insight into the complexities of managing personal and professional change. She has supported me at all stages of my career; helping me move projects forward, seek new pathways and overcome challenge. With Sharon’s warm and enthusiastic advice and guidance, my working life has been transformed from something that had to be endured to something that could be enriching, challenging and most importantly enjoyable!

RD – Learning development manager, Higher Education

Sharon provides a refreshing and unique approach to organisation change. Her depth of knowledge is amazing and her ability to bring complex thoughts to a practical business application just remarkable. She is both professional and a delight to work with. You can rely on Sharon to produce a high quality service that will exceed your expectations.
It is rare to come across someone who is an original thinker – Sharon is one of those rare people

LH – Vice President, financial services

Sharon brings warmth and lots of energy to every piece of work.  She is able to combine a rigorous academic approach to organising and evaluating ideas in the field of complexity with a very practical consulting application of what that means for real people working in organisations.  Her writing and presentation is both accessible and relevant and she is rapidly becoming a thought leader in leadership and organisational development.  It is always a pleasure to work with Sharon. She brings learning to life and is always inspirational.

VG – OD consultant

Sharon was a tremendous support to us twice in our recruitment of Chief Executives for the charity. She brought clarity to the candidate pack and the advertisement; analysed very effectively all of the applications, making our short-listing decision from a large field much less difficult than it would otherwise have been; and essentially ran each campaign. We particularly valued her incisive thinking, organisational skills and natural ability to win people over.

MK – Chair, children and young people’s charity

As a small business, we were struggling with decisions on competing directions for developing our business, and what should be our focus and priority. Sharon managed to grasp the issues straight away, was professional and non-judgemental in her approach and made practical recommendations in a positive and enthusiastic manner; giving the clarity we had previously been missing. It was a worthwhile investment that gave us confidence in the decisions we were taking.

TD – Managing Director, SME