Leadership for a complex world in constant motion

Many organisations spend money developing leaders, only for them to take their new skills elsewhere. We develop leadership. It’s a much stickier capability that doesn’t just walk out of the door.

Our development process helps people to unlock their leadership potential and advance their leadership practice. But we don’t just develop individuals. We actively build organisational leadership capability. It’s all too easy (and risky) to miss that part out. That’s why we design it into the process. No one wants to watch their valuable investment walk out of the door.

How we are different

We know you need to engage busy people and deliver rapid results. We know you need an approach that flexes to your changing needs. Our Fast Start approach does just that

We focus on real-world application from the start to deliver rapid results

  • Work on the real stuff from the outset
  • Start where you’re at, build from there
  • Address barriers to application in the programme
  • Spread learning about what really works for you
  • Adapt to your changing needs
  • Regular rhythm to keep up momentum

Individual and organisational development hand in hand

We help you reap the benefits of leadership development. We don’t leave it to chance

Real world, not an ideal world

We start where you are. We develop capabilities for the real world, not an ideal world

Multifacetted experience

Engaging experience using a variety of learning modes. We flex across formats using the advantages of each

Thought leadership

We bring our thought leadership to help you push the leading edge of practice

What people have said

People love our programmes. Here are a few comments from participants on our Collaborative Leadership and ASPIRE leadership programmes
  • Energising and thought-provoking … plenty of practical participation
  • It is well worth it, you leave with energy and a positive attitude
  • Lots of useful tools to take away and develop in partnership with the whole client service
  • Great pace, activities allowed for engagement with whole group … it was time well invested
  • Understanding of the subject and the direction provided is excellent
  • Good day, good outcome, done in a way that surprised
  • It’s enhanced my clinical practice and my relationships with others in the team
  • What I learned in ASPIRE has helped me to get everyone on board and move things forward. We’re already seeing improvement