Organisation design and development (OD&D)

From time to time, HR Directors and business leaders need some extra help with organisation design and development. We partner with you to help you develop organisational effectiveness and build your team at the same time.
  • Workshop: Organisation design for HR professionals
  • Organisation Design consulting: Designing for the future
  • Capability building: Developing Organisation Design basics
  • Building your Organisation Design roadmap
  • Consulting: Your OD partner
  • Workshop: Advancing your change and OD practice
  • Masterclass: Dynamic OD – what it is, why it matters, how to master it
  • OD Refresh & Revitalise: CPD for OD professionals
Your OD partner

Do you need some extra help with OD?

Your OD challenge

What’s your biggest challenge?
  • We need to land major change and we don’t have internal OD capability
  • We need to step up to meet today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow
  • We need to boost our OD team as we’re spread too thin
  • We need to upskill HR professionals and managers to support complex change on multiple fronts
  • We need to re-energise our OD team by introducing fresh ideas and insights
  • All of the above!

With our OD Partner service, you can have them all in one flexible package

Our solution

Our OD Partner service is simple to set up. But it flexes and adapts to meet your changing needs

You get the opportunity to work with a highly-experienced organisation development professional. We build trusting relationships for the long-term – even if you just need us for a short time.

Every partnership is unique – designed to meet your specific needs

We help you shine

We help you make the most of your strengths. We work to make you shine and leave you stronger.

Adding value to your team

We come with an open mind ready to learn fast about your world, dynamics and people. Why? Because we know that ‘best practice’ is only best if it works for you, in your context.

Modern business solutions

We might be at your workplace, working remotely, or a combination. Hybrid working is not new to us.

Breathing life into your plans

We search out what already works and what you do best. Then we help you build on that to achieve your goals.


Your OD partner

Build your OD capability – with space for learning as Your OD Partner